Our Location in Tuscany

The medieval town of Pietrasanta is located on the Italian Riviera along the coast of northern Tuscany, at the foot of the Apuan Alps. Some of the finest marble in the world is quarried in the mountains above Pietrasanta. Artists such as Michelangelo have lived and worked in Pietrasanta, and it is still known as an international center of art and sculpture. Artists from around the world come here to use the local marble studios and bronze foundries, and to benefit from the skills of master artisans.

Beginning and Advanced Instruction

Our workshop is designed to offer both the beginning and more advanced sculptor an opportunity for in-depth technical and artistic instruction in a setting where stone carving has been a way of life for centuries. You will receive instruction from Lynne Streeter and other highly qualified sculptor/artisans. Detailed demonstrations and lectures are an integral part of our course, along with art theory and criticism. Knowledge of basic Italian is helpful but not obligatory. Translation assistance will be available during all of our workshop activities.

Our Studio and other Amenities

Our studio is located in Pietrasanta and provides a work area fully equipped for air and electric power tools. The facility includes a motorized crane, a forklift, and a diamond wire cutting machine. A great selection of marble and other stone will be available for purchase. Custom-made bases may also be ordered. Work hours at the studio are Monday to Friday, 8:00 – Noon, and 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

We will provide visits to other local studios and bronze foundries, giving you the opportunity to meet internationally known sculptors. You can also join us on a tour of a quarry in the mountains above Pietrasanta, near a site used by Michelangelo.

Upon registration you will receive a detailed information packet containing practical advice to prepare for your trip and a map of downtown Pietrasanta.

The Program

During the workshop, demonstrations and discussions will cover the many technical aspects of sculpting in stone. Included will be the choice, use, and maintenance of tools; the nature and selection of marble or other stone; roughing out; copying with the point machine; enlarging with calipers; finishing with power tools and by hand; polishing; and mounting. Also part of the program is discussion of art theory, perception, and individual critiques.

The content of each session will be formed according to the needs and interests of the participants. While most people choose to use power tools, some prefer to work by hand. You will receive assistance from the instructors in the execution of your sculptures as needed. The sculptures created during the workshops range from classical figures to abstract forms, reflecting the personal aesthetic of each participant. To prepare for this course you will need to create a small 3D model (maquette) of the first piece you would like to carve. Please bring this with you to the workshop.


Transportation: Pietrasanta is located conveniently close to the Pisa international airport (G. Galilei), about 20 miles away. Trains from Pisa and all over Italy stop at the Pietrasanta station, located in the center of town.

Accommodations: A list of accommodation options will be sent upon request.

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